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Fidelity of dogs towards their owners

Fidelity of dogs towards their owners:

With so many cases of dog loyalty to their owners that we know thanks to the internet, no one can doubt that dogs are man's best friend. Today we get a new example, with this news coming from Argentina.

A young man of 28 years was pruning a tree, when suddenly a branch hit him hard on the head, causing a head injury that left him lying on the ground, unable to move. When the first aid arrived, they found the man lying down, and over him guarding him, was his mongrel dog Toby, who had not separated from him for a second since the man was knocked out by the impact.

These photographs have been published by the Civil Defense rescue service of Bahía Blanca, Argentina, who helped and transferred the wounded man to the hospital. The image has charmed hundreds of users of the networks, because once again it demonstrates the unconditional love that animals practice towards us. See more ...

Learn how to teach a dog to bring the ball step by step

Learn how to teach a dog to bring the ball step by step

There is a wide variety of games that we can practice with our dog, but there is no doubt that teaching our dog to bring the ball is one of the most complete and fun games. The best thing is that besides playing with him, we will reinforce our bond and we will be practicing the different orders of obedience, so it is much more interesting when done regularly.


We want to explain in detail, how you can teach your dog to bring the ball, we will do it step by step, making him look for it and release it only using positive stimuli and without feeling afraid.

Before starting to practice the exercise in the place of your preference, it is basic to also choose the appropriate treats for your pet. You can buy them or make them yourself, for example, in this link you can learn how to make rewards for homemade dogs (liver, using a single ingredient) or you can make dog biscuits in the microwave in your own home in a few minutes.

This way we will motivate you to work with us in this new trick. It is a positive training, which will reinforce your proper behavior with a nice stimulus for him (the prizes), and so your dog will want to repeat the exercise correctly to get more rewards. Remember that they must be sweets that you like a lot, so you will get it to respond correctly.

When you do what you should, you must give a prize and at the same time congratulate him saying: good boy, very good, or the positive word that you like.
Teach a dog to play with the ball step by step (5 steps)
How to make the dog bring the ball:

1) The first step is to choose the toy that we will use to teach it to look for and to bring. Although our intention is to first use a ball, your pet may be more attracted to a doll or stuffed animal of your liking, or a toy of another form. If you want to teach a dog to play the fresbee, the steps you must follow are these.

To start teaching him to bring the ball, you must choose your dog's favorite toy, but you will also need treats for dogs, so you can reward him for doing a good job and you will attract him when he does not pay attention to you.

Once we have the toy, the prizes, and we are in the place of our choice, it is time to start with the exercise. You will ask him to keep quiet or to sit down. This will keep you from being too eager to play and will also help you understand that we are working. Will teach a dog to bring the ball?

2) When our pet is still, you must throw the toy you have chosen, with a signal to relate it correctly. You can say the typical "search", accompanied by a specific gesture with your arm or your hand. So by using both sound and visual image, it will be easier for your dog to recognize and remember the order in the future. Remember that both the signal and the verbal order must always be the same, so when you return to play the ball another day, your dog will already relate the word to the exercise.

3) First of all, if you have correctly chosen the toy for your dog, he will go in search of it. It is important to remember that the type of toy does not matter, but that your pet is attracted to it.

4) Now it's time for you to call your dog to deliver the toy. You should have practiced the exercise of going to the call, otherwise you will be playing with the ball or the toy that you have chosen. Once you are close, you must remove the toy gently and reward it with a treat. If your dog goes too far with the toy, a trick is to teach him this exercise by having your dog tied with a very long leash. That way, you can go a few meters with the ball, but if it does not come back, you can make it come back.

At that time you must include an order such as "leave" or "release" so that the dog begins to practice the delivery of the toy. Once I give you the toy, you reward it, but not before. In addition, this order will be incredibly useful for day to day, so you can avoid the dog eat something from the street or leave something that should not be taken.

5) Once you have understood the exercise, it will be the ideal time to continue practicing, either daily or weekly. With this the dog will finish to take hold with the exercise and you will be able to practice with him this type of games whenever you want it.

And one last tip, do not make your dog's training sessions too long. With a few minutes of concentration and repetitions, it will be enough. So your dog will not get bored, and will be willing to return to training the next day. Remember, it may take a little time for him to learn exactly what you want. See more ...

How to socialize a dog

How to socialize a dog?

Educating and socializing a puppy is much easier than doing it later, because when they are young they learn very quickly, because like children, puppies "are like sponges".

In addition, there is a second important reason, and that puppies in general do not have traumas, learned fears, past negative experiences or bad behaviors that other people have taught or fostered in the past. For that reason, being like a blank canvas, its socialization process is simpler.
What things should I teach the puppy when I get home? Among the basic things you can teach is (click on the links below to expand this info.):

  • How to teach a dog to relieve itself outside.
  • How to leave your dog alone at home without crying
  • How to teach a puppy not to bite

If we refer specifically to how to socialize a dog, it is basically to make you live the maximum of everyday situations throughout the days (not all of course obviously). For this, first of all do not overprotect, even if it is a small breed puppy. As soon as you have put all the vaccines of the puppy, take him on the street, in places where there are many people, also to a park with dogs, you can go to the field, but also to the city center, so that you get used to the traffic . Further:

  • Walk with him with the strap on so that he gets used to it from small
  • Take it in your car or in the urban bus or subway, if you allow it
  • Let him sniff other dogs down the street, and play with them in the park (do not take him by pulling on the leash so he can not smell any dogs while walking)
  • When you go to a friend's house, take him with you to meet new people who do not live with you
  • Ask some people in the dog park to come to him and pet him, or play with him, to get used to
  • Go to the market to buy together with your puppy
  • Put the washing machine and leave it close so you get used to the noise. Also with the hair dryer, so you lose the fear of its sound

And do with him as many activities as you can, so you can see that it's normal and fun to do all those things together. Of course, you should always show calm and relaxed in front of your puppy, so you learn that this is the best attitude! Do not give bad example crying all the time, or being afraid, irascible or alarmist yourself in a given situation. "Socialize an adult dog"

How to socialize an adult dog?

Can you socialize an adult dog? Yes, you can also educate and socialize an adult dog, if its previous owners had not taken the time or the job of doing it themselves. You should follow the same guidelines as with a puppy, but be more patient. Sometimes adults are slower learning, because they already have deep-rooted customs of their previous life. "Socialize a dog"

Especially, if you want to socialize a particularly difficult dog, because he is aggressive or extremely fearful (maybe he had been a victim of bad treatment, they beat him, etc. and he is traumatized). In these cases, it is best to go to an ethologist or a professional canine educator, so that he can guide you in the process of rehabilitating your dog. See more ...

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