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domingo, 18 de febrero de 2018

How to stop dog barking

How to stop dog barking?

If your dog has already acquired the barking habit, what you need are strategies to correct the excessive barking and in this article of ExpertoAnimal we show you some. Keep in mind that it is not possible to completely eliminate the barking by training or through environmental management, as your dog will still be able to bark and will in some circumstances. But even so, it is not necessary to completely eliminate the barking.

Also be aware that the barking habit can be very ingrained and very difficult to remove. In some cases it is so consolidated that the efforts necessary to eliminate it are not justified and it is best to seek an environmental management alternative that does not eliminate the barking but does avoid the problems with the neighbors. On the other hand, remember that there are breeds of dogs calmer and others that are more prone to bark and that this behavior is pre-established in the genes of those races. If your dog belongs to a barking breed, the best thing you can do is to try to redirect the behavior (not eliminate it) and manage the environment in such a way as to reduce the annoyances that cause their barking.

Since there are many and varied reasons why dogs bark, there is no recipe for eliminating excessive barking. The methods to be used depend on the particular situation and depend on the specific causes of each case. In some complex cases you may even need the help of a professional trainer who works personally with you and your dog. However, for most cases you can use the following protocol to modify your pet's behavior.

The behavior of a dog in its adult stage is directly related to the education of the puppy and if it has been carried out correctly (socialization, positive reinforcement, animal welfare). When this has not been the case, strange, aggressive or scary behaviors begin to appear.

In this article of ExpertoAnimal we will explain if it is possible or not to correct the behaviors of a dog and what kind of tools are used for it.

Do not forget that it is not always possible to modify the behaviors of a dog, especially if we are not professionals or if the animal has this behavior deeply rooted. Read MORE:

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What behaviors should be modified?

The dog is an animal with its own autonomy, ie, we can not control everything that you do in your day to day. Many people get annoyed because their dog doesn't walk along the street or when he runs around the house instead of being ' quiet '. Each animal has its personality and understand that we do not have a robot on our side is basic to continue with this article.

Behavioral problems, for example, are behaviors that we must modify as they do not allow the dog (also us) to carry a normal daily routine. Some examples of behavioral problems are:

There are still other behaviors, such as the dog jumping on people, which are not always to our liking, and that makes us want to modify or eliminate this habit. Is that possible? Keep reading.

Is it possible to modify any behavior?

It is important to understand that it is not always possible to modify the behavior of the dog, especially if they are deeply rooted. For example, a dog victim of sparring will take a long time to trust other dogs not to bite him, in some cases it is never possible to create a normal game environment with another can.

Another detail to consider is the correct diagnosis of the dog's behavior. Many people claim that their dogs are "aggressive" with others, when it is really about fear. We can usually detect what the problem is, but sometimes we have to go to a professional to really tell us what happens to our dog and why he acts like that. The specialist, for example a ethologist, will also show us guidelines to follow.

Before you begin to work on modifying a behavior, whatever it is, it is important to take into account the animal welfare of our dog: If you have joint pain, thirst or have no comfort whatsoever it is important to fix it beforehand. A dog that does not have animal welfare in his life probably will not respond to our indications in an optimal way. We can't demand anything from him if we don't take care of him properly.

Positive reinforcement is an excellent tool to reward the behavior of the dog that we do like. Using positive reinforcement is good to strengthen your relationship and also makes you understand more quickly what you expect from it.

If for example you are trying to modify your dog to bite your shoes, rewarding him when he bites his toys is a great way to reinforce a behavior. On the other hand if your dog is extremely scary, rewarding you when it is related to other dogs will make you understand that behavior is good. Use tasty treats for dog or bits of Frankfurt to increase the effectiveness of reinforcement and its attention on you.

Classical conditioning is a type of learning in which a neutral stimulus acquires the ability to provoke reflex responses, having been repeatedly associated with unconditional stimulus. Once that has happened, the neutral stimulus is called a conditional stimulus.

Classic conditioning allows you to modify your behavior by controlling the stimuli your dog receives. It is widely used in canine training to solve some behavioral problems.

How does it work?

For some days you will have to "load" your dog with a very specific sound. It can be a click, a kiss, a whistle, a snap of fingers... After making the sound you will have to reward him with a snack for dogs, for example. You must practice for two or three days at home loading this sound. After this time, when listening to this stimulus, the dog will come to us to receive his reward.

If we have for example, a dog that reacts very badly with other dogs, we can use the classic conditioning to modify their behavior gradually. The idea is that whenever you find another dog, and just before you react or bark, we call your attention with this system and then you premiemos. We should not use the sound of the load with anything other than the behavior we want to modify as we could confuse the dog.

Being rewarded for good behavior is a positive reinforcement. In addition we distract you from the stimulus that causes you to react and at the same time we teach you that when you find a dog you must come to us instead of barking. After many repetitions the dog will begin to understand this new situation.

Tips for changing behavior

Obviously we must reject any kind of physical punishment or mistreatment in the dog by modifying a behavior. This type of behavior can cause serious consequences in your relationship that result in really serious problems of behavior such as aggression towards people or phobias.

On the other hand, we must make sure that it is properly exercised for your physical needs. An excess of accumulated energy can lead to destructive or excitable behaviors. In addition, exercise tends to provide the animal well-being.

If you want to read more articles similar to correct the behaviors of a dog, we recommend that you go into our section of behavior problems, and we encourage you to download the ExpertoAnimal app free, where you can learn and share the day to day of your Animals. [Post: How to stop puppy biting]

viernes, 19 de enero de 2018

The kennels and shelters of Pomsky

The kennels and shelters of Pomsky:

The kennels and shelters are already full of Nordic dogs that people leave because they say that "you can not make a career with them", so who do you think you can "place" these pups?

You can breed dogs, of course, but you have to be serious and know what you do. Obtaining dogs with certain characteristics is not achieved "to the first". For example, to create the German shepherd it took about 40 years of dedication, work and continuous selection. You have to know what is done, have knowledge of genetics, have access to veterinarians regularly, be able to pay for the maintenance of all dogs (including of course those that do not manage to sell, etc). That is why we strongly advise against this idea if you do not dedicate yourself to responsible dog breeding and you do not have abundant resources to take care of all the dogs that are born.

-Excuse me for this chat, but it is to warn and that nobody "throws himself into the pool" without thinking it through. Logar a dog in a certain way as in the case of the pomsky dog ​​is not easy, and they need time, many resources and responsibility! See more ...

Price of the pomsky

Price of the pomsky:

How much does a pomsky dog ​​cost? Currently the price of the pomsky dog ​​ranges between 850 and 3000 US dollars, depending on its morphological quality.

As we said the smallest puppies and blue eyes are the most expensive (those would be in the top of the hairpin, about $ 3,000) and the larger pomsky puppies and brown eyes have a lower price, these can be found from 850 American dollars.

What if I cross a pomeranian and a husky myself and create my own pomsky dog?
This is happening to some people today, but it is not a good idea, or at least it is not easy and it will not go well the first time. I say this because I have found people asking "Hello, I have a pomeranian, does anyone leave me a Husky to raise pomskys? -This is simply a crazy idea and will not give you the economic results they expect. Choosing any unknown dog at random and crossing it "to see what happens" is not serious.

If you are not a professional breeder, with knowledge of both breeds and you do not know well what you do and if you also do not have the adequate resources (a large space for them to live and money for their maintenance and veterinarian), your idea may end up looking like to play to create "frankenstein".

I explain. The first time you cross these two races, thinking that you will get directly an ideal pomsky dog, a ball of tiny hair and blue eyes, with beautiful colors, etc. (which are the most wanted copies), because surely nothing of this happens. The most normal thing is that you get a few husky size husky puppies, and others smaller but surely with brown eyes and brownish skin-away from the ideal you have in mind. What will you do with them? That is, imagine that 6 offspring are born as I have described (including some husky size). Surely you do not manage to sell them all.  See more ...

Pomsky dog ​​health problems

Pomsky dog ​​health problems:

Based on the typical problems of their parents and the little experience that we have today with this new "race", it is believed that the pomsky may have a tendency to suffer these problems:

  • Formation of dental plaque: this problem is inherited from the pomerania, and the solution is to take it to the veterinarian to do a mouth cleaning at least once a year, or when your pomsky dog ​​needs it.
  • It has been pointed out that some puppies could inherit a tendency to heart disease, from the Pomeranian branch.

We will be completing the list with the new information that is obtained, however you will have to spend more time to see how the health of the pomsky specimens that exist today evolves. That is, we still do not know exactly what specific problems may have developed the pomskys (if they have developed any specific).

Where to buy a pomsky and pomsky price

This is the million dollar question where can I buy a pomsky dog ​​and how much does a pomsky dog ​​cost? At the moment the Pomsky breeders that have been longer and have more experience are in the United States, where this crossing has originated.

Although we have said that no official club has recognized them as a race yet, the Pomsky Club of America, or PCA, has been born in that country. The PCA is responsible for regulating the breeding of these dogs and has a directory of "official" breeders or at least recognized by them as responsible breeders who are maintaining certain requirements or certain guarantees when raising pomskys.

That is to say, the PCA is supervising the breeding of pomskys carried out by the breeders assigned to their system, in order to keep a check on the litters that are being born and that each breeder does not want what they want, but some rules must be fulfilled.

Today, only a few American breeders are recognized as reliable pomsky breeders by the PCA, located in Kansas, Arizona and Tennessee. They have also approved a breeder in England. To this day, I believe that no Spanish pomsky breeder is attached to this system.

But in the future this list will surely expand. See more ...

Physical characteristics of pomsky

Physical characteristics of pomsky:

As a result of this hybridization between husky and pomeranian a Nordic dog with characteristics of both parents is born. His appearance is mini husky, but more chubby and paticorto:

  • The pomsky dog ​​has semi-long and dense hair, typical of Nordic breeds. Normally your hair never gets to be as long as that of the pomeranian, but you still have to brush it very often to avoid that your house is full of hairs since the pomskys do tend to loose hair.
  • The "ideal" pomskys have a medium or small size, but the size depends a little on the specimen, because it is still not uniform. We found some very pomeranian pomsky puppies (these are the most sought after and expensive) and then there are other pomsky puppies that can be medium-sized, or even some bigger puppies, similar to a husky in size. This happens because the breed is very new and all specimens and sizes have not yet been "homogenized". Being hybrid dogs, there is still some uncertainty about the size of babies when they are born.
  • As for its appearance, pomsky dogs have the most rounded and "chubby" forms that a husky, are the typical forms of pomerania. Even his walk and his way of moving are similar to those of his father Pomeranian.
  • The face of a pomsky dog ​​has a snout that is much shorter than a husky and the little eyes closer together, like the pomeranian. This gives them a more childlike or more "baby" look than the huskys.
  • But Pomsky puppies have also inherited the wide range of colors of the husky, and also one of the most beautiful features of the husky, his blue eyes.

How much does a pomsky weigh?

As we pointed out, we can not specify it for all cases, since there is still no race standard and there will be heavier pomskys and other more petty ones. However, to give you an idea, a medium pomsky dog ​​can weigh between 7 and 14 kilos.

Character of the pomsky dog

And what kind of character will these little ones have? Will they want to run and run like a husky or will they prefer the lap of their owners like a pomeranian? The pomsky dog ​​is playful, ACTIVE and energetic, pizpireta, friendly and loves to have fun!

A pomsky will not need as much exercise as a pure husky, that's for sure. Although its good daily walks (not worth 5 minutes!) To burn energy and do not destroy at home. The character of the pomsky, like everything else, is also halfway between the personality of his two parents. That is to say, he does not become as independent and super athletic as a husky but neither is he as territorial or attached to his owner as a Pomeranian would be.

However being a dog that has been around for a short time, we still do not know it well and the character may depend a little on each puppy in particular, if he has inherited more husky or more pomeranian traits. But for any pomsky dog ​​to remain the little ball of sympathetic and loving hair that we all have in mind, it is necessary as always a good socialization, a little rules and discipline and of course treat them with a lot of love.

Are pomskys good for children?

As it depends, in general the pomskys do get along well with children, especially dogs that are 50% husky and 50% pomernia.

But there are also pomsky puppies that are 25% husky and 75% pomeranian, and if one of this type comes out very similar to his pomeranian father, he might not get along very well with the children (this is a trait inherited from Pomerania). Some specimens of small breeds like chihuahua dogs or pomeranias sometimes happens to them, they do not like children very much, because in reality they are afraid of them. See more ...

domingo, 14 de enero de 2018

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sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

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